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Plastic bag

PE bone bag

Product parameters


Material:PE environmental protection material 

Dimension:Long * wide

Quantity:100 per pack

Specifications:Red double-sided edge 5c、White sided double sided 12c


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  • Raw material Oriented polypropylene, it‘s also name OPP, Blew molding by low donsity polypropylene.
    Features 1.Good transparency, touch soft and wax feel, suitable for using repeatedly.

    2.Our PE bag is high in cleanliness, no poison and smell,passed the certification of international environmental. Be waterproof, dust free and mildew proof.

    3.The used tempereature could be in -30~80oC, having excellent low temperature resistant.

    4.We can do the colors on custmoers‘ requirements:specializing in matching colors.
    Products type Industrial bag /polybag.
    Size Width 240mm; Length 510mm; or on requirements.
    Thickness The thinnest can be done 20mic (which is the thinnest in this businessline,and save the cost maximum) ,the thickest could reach 150mic.
    Printing craft Slab printing; coppor printing.
    Processing type Blow molding, printing, cutting bag, holing, hiraguchi bag, R bag, garment suit bag,
    square bag, oragan bag.
    MOQ Any quantity for stock, and 50kgs for customized order.
    Price Based on the market. Agents, wholesalerand customer welcome.
    Leadtime One day for stock, 4~5 days for trial order, but the bulk order shouldbe confirmed
    on real quantity and processing craft.
    Application Be used in food, industrial accessories, fashion, inside package,accessories, etc.
    Advantage 1.Self production, and compectitive price.

    2.We have a dust free plant, which ensure the cleanliness of our products.

    3.ODM/OEM welcome, and any quantity.

    4.Customized size from 10mm to 2500mm, or refitting the machinesto makespecial bags.

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