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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2022-04-11 發布人:tongjid

                The Phoenix terminal is connected to the electrical equipment as a spare part to complete the protection grounding, so the material and insulation characteristics of the terminal are relatively high. So what about the selection requirements of phoenix terminal? So let's talk about it.
                First is the appearance level, insulation terminal products as good as all products, like a work of art, refreshing; Many end companies understand that the appearance of a product is just as important as the quality of the product in terms of customer experience. Terminals must be easy to install in the field, as they are usually installed on the front of the product control panel and easy to see.
                Second, the terminal material is better: high insulation resistance requirements. Flame-retardant rubber products shall be used for insulation, and copper shall be used as conductive material, iron shall not be allowed; The quality of terminal blocks is directly affected by the plastic insulation material and conductive element of terminal blocks, which respectively determine the insulation performance and conductivity function of terminal blocks. An invalid terminal will result in the failure of the entire project. Therefore, terminals should comply with this specification to ensure that they meet the requirements of your application.
                During the whole wiring process, be sure to disconnect the power supply for actual operation. Do not turn on the power for actual operation. If you are not sure whether the power supply is disconnected, use a pen and digital multimeter to check. If there is a scroll button on the terminal or switch terminal, replace it immediately. Otherwise there is a risk of electrocution. When entering the power supply, please remember to install PVC threading pipe. If the cable is installed on the ceiling, do not drive the cable at will. Also, throughout the installation process, install a support bracket at the corner of the pipe to better secure the pipe.
                What are the requirements for selecting phoenix terminals? The above is the relevant content, if you do not understand the place, you can come to our website www.cekidots.com at any time for relevant consultation.

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