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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2022-04-06 發布人:tongjid

                Circuit breaker is one of the main protection appliances in the distribution system, its main role is as a short circuit, overload, grounding fault, loss of voltage and under voltage protection, but many people can not distinguish it and leakage protector what is not the same, let's talk about it.
                The MCB consists of operation organization, contacts, maintenance equipment (various tripping device), arc extinguishing system, etc. The main contact is manually operated or electrically closed. After the main contact is closed, the leisure tripping organization locks the main contact on the closing direction. The coil of the overcurrent release and the thermal element of the thermal release are connected in series with the main circuit, and the coil of the undervoltage release is connected in parallel with the power supply.
                When the circuit is short-circuited or severely overloaded, the armature of overcurrent tripping device is closed, so that the loose tripping organization acts, and the main contact disconnects the main circuit. When the circuit is overloaded, the heat element of the thermal release device heats up and twists on the bimetal sheet, promoting the leisurely release organization action. When the circuit is undervoltage, the armature of undervoltage release. Also allows for leisurely tripping to organize movements.
                The function of the circuit breaker is equivalent to the combination of fuse switch and overheat relay. Leakage protector has overload and short circuit protection function, which can be used to protect the overload and short circuit of the line or the motor, and can also be used as the infrequent conversion of the line under normal circumstances.
                The function of low-voltage circuit breaker is equivalent to knife switch, over-current relay, voltage loss relay, thermal relay and leakage protector and other electrical parts or all the functions of the sum, is an important protection of low-voltage distribution network.
                Leakage protector has the function of leakage current detection and judgment, and does not have the function of cutting off and connecting the main circuit, which is different from the low-voltage circuit breaker. In addition, ABB MCB prices will vary depending on the market and demand.
                If in different places, indirect electric shock problem, damage to the human body is not the same, so need to choose the corresponding circuit breaker products according to the actual situation of the place. For places prone to leakage problems, sensitive products should be selected. Compared with dry space, electric shock is more likely to occur in wet space, so it is necessary to choose a machine with appropriate current.
                In short, through the above explanation, we not only know what the micro circuit breaker is, but also know the difference between it and the leakage protector, so if you still have a place do not understand, you can come to our website www.cekidots.com for consultation.

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