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              1. Working principle and function of short circuit ring
              The iron core of AC contactor is made of silicon steel sheets, which can reduce the eddy current and hysteresis loss of alternating magnetic flux in the iron core.
              When an alternating current passes through the electromagnetic coil, the attraction of the coil to the armature is also alternating. When the alternating current passes through zero, the magnetic flux of the coil becomes zero and the attraction to the armature is also zero.
              The armature will have a release trend under the action of the return spring, which makes the attraction between the dynamic and static iron cores change with the change of AC, resulting in change and noise, accelerating the wear caused by the contact between the dynamic and static iron cores and causing poor closing In severe cases, it will also cause contact ablation.
              In order to eliminate this disadvantage A copper ring named / short-circuit ring / is embedded in a part of the end face of the core column. The short-circuit ring is equivalent to the secondary winding of the transformer. When the coil is connected with AC, not only the coil generates magnetic flux.
              Short circuit ring of AC contactor
              2. The induced current in the short-circuit ring also generates magnetic flux
              At this time, the short-circuit loop is equivalent to a pure inductance circuit. From the phase of the pure inductance circuit, the coil current flux and the induced current flux of the short-circuit loop are not zero at the same time That is, when the alternating current input by the power supply passes through the zero value, the induced current of the short-circuit ring is not zero.
              At this time, its magnetic flux will attract the armature pair, thus overcoming the trend of armature being released The armature is always in the pull in state during the energization process, which significantly reduces the vibration and noise, so the short-circuit ring is also known as the vibration elimination ring.
              3. Materials
              It is usually made of constantan or nickel chromium alloy.
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