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              ① The type of molded case circuit breaker selected shall be determined according to the load nature, fault category and line protection requirements of low-voltage distribution system, and shall comply with the current relevant national standards.
              ② The rated voltage and rated frequency of the circuit breaker shall adapt to the nominal voltage and nominal frequency of the circuit.
              ③ The rated current of the circuit breaker shall not be less than the load calculation current of the circuit.
              ④ The circuit breaker shall adapt to the environmental conditions of the site.
              ⑤ The circuit breaker shall meet the requirements of dynamic stability and thermal stability under short circuit conditions. When used to disconnect short-circuit current, it shall meet the on-off capacity under short-circuit conditions.
              The low-voltage circuit breaker shall select appropriate protection forms according to different fault categories and specific engineering requirements. Generally speaking, the setting principles mainly include:
              ① When the circuit breaker is in normal use and the electrical equipment is started normally, the installed protection shall not act.
              ② The most fundamental task of the circuit breaker is to play a protective role. It must be able to effectively cut off the fault circuit within the specified time to meet the most basic requirements of the specification.
              ③ The protection action characteristics of circuit breakers at all levels of low-voltage distribution system shall be able to coordinate with each other and act selectively, that is, in case of fault, the circuit breaker protection close to the fault point shall be cut off first, while the upper level protection close to the power supply side shall not act, so as to reduce the power-off range as much as possible.
              In the low-voltage distribution system, the main design task is to reasonably select the protection appliances. According to the setting principle requirements of the circuit breaker, various protection functions can be realized by correctly setting its parameters, but these setting principles may conflict with each other.
              For example, the rated current or setting current of the circuit breaker is limited by items ① and ② of the setting principle, and the speed of the protection action time is restricted by items ② and ③ of the setting principle. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate the contradictions between them through accurate calculation and careful verification, so as to achieve the unity of opposites, so as to meet the action characteristics specified in the specification Relevant requirements for action time and selective protection.
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