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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-11-27 發布人:tongjid

              Phoenix terminal is recognized by everyone. Moreover, it has a full range of models to meet various requirements, such as screws, springs, crimp joints, wiring tools of different grades, matching short joints, wiring tools, marking accessories, etc. , phoenix terminals are designed to facilitate wire connections without the need for welding or winding. And suitable for a large number of wire interconnection, in the power industry there are special junction box, junction box, junction box, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, circuit breaker and so on. There is a certain contact surface to ensure reliable contact, and to ensure that enough current through.
              Finix terminal, 13 ring terminal, various ring terminal, transformer terminal, Copper Strip terminal (2-03,4-03,4-04,6-04) and so on.
              Finix接線端子是通過兩部分插接的方式組成的,它的一部分是通過把一根線的壓緊,然后插入另一端。這種防振式底部機械原理,保證了產品長時間的氣密連接和成品使用的可靠性。所述插座的兩端可加耳,可有效地保護接片,防止接片布置不良,同時,該插座設計可確保插頭能夠正確插入母體。還可使用菲尼克斯接線端子插頭及鎖扣。安裝扣件時,可使 PCB板的固定更為牢固,且鎖扣位可鎖定安裝完成后的母體與插座。多種插槽設計可與不同的插槽方式相搭配,例如:水平、垂直或斜向印刷電路板等,可根據客戶的要求選用不同的插槽??蛇x用公制線規或標準線規,是市場上的端子類型。
              The Finix terminal is formed by a two-part plug, part of which compresses one wire and plugs into the other. The vibration-proof bottom mechanism ensures long-time air-tight connection and reliability of finished products. The two ends of the socket can be fitted with ears, which can effectively protect the connecting piece and prevent the bad arrangement of the connecting pieces. Phoenix Terminal Plug and lock can also be used. When installing the fastener, the fixing of the PCB board can be more firm, and the locking position can lock the parent body and the socket after the installation is completed. A variety of slots can be designed with different slots, such as: Horizontal, vertical or diagonal printed circuit board, according to customer requirements to choose different slots. Metric wire gauges or standard wire gauges are available as terminal types on the market.

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