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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-11-11 發布人:admin


              Reversible contactor is a mechanical reversible AC contactor used to control the forward and reverse rotation of high-power motor. It is composed of two standard contactors and a mechanical interlock unit. It integrates the advantages of AC contactor and reverse switch. It has simple, safe and reliable operation and low cost. It is mainly used for forward and reverse operation, reverse braking, constant operation and inching operation of motor.
              Working principle of reversible AC contactor
              當線圈通電時,靜鐵芯產生電磁吸力,將動鐵芯吸合,由于觸頭系統是與動鐵芯聯動的,因此動鐵芯帶動三條動觸片同時動作,主觸點閉合,和主觸點機械相連的輔助常閉觸點斷開,輔助常開觸點閉合,從而接通電源。當線圈斷電時,吸力消失, 動鐵芯聯動部分依靠彈簧的反作用力而分離,使主觸頭斷開,和主觸點機械相連的輔助常閉觸點閉合,輔助常開觸點斷開,從而切斷電源。
              When the coil is energized, the static iron core generates electromagnetic suction to pull the moving iron core in. Because the contact system is linked with the moving iron core, the moving iron core drives three moving contacts to act at the same time, the main contact is closed, the auxiliary normally closed contact mechanically connected with the main contact is disconnected, and the auxiliary normally open contact is closed, so as to connect the power supply. When the coil is powered off, the suction disappears, and the linkage part of the moving iron core is separated by the reaction force of the spring, so that the main contact is disconnected, the auxiliary normally closed contact mechanically connected with the main contact is closed, and the auxiliary normally open contact is disconnected, so as to cut off the power supply.
              Installation, use and maintenance
              Relevant technical data (such as rated voltage, current, operating frequency, etc.) shall be checked before installation.
              During installation, it shall be installed according to the specified conditions, and the terminal A1 of the contactor coil shall face upward, in line with people's visual habits.
              The contactor with metal mounting base plate shall be properly grounded.
              The terminal screw shall be tightened. After checking that the wiring is correct, the suction coil shall be energized, opened and closed for several times under the condition that the main contact is not charged, and can be put into use only after the test action is reliable.
              If abnormal noise is found during use, it may be dirt on the pole surface of the iron core. Please wipe the pole surface.
              During use, all parts of the product shall be checked regularly. It is required that the movable parts are not stuck and the fasteners are not loose. If the parts are damaged, they shall be replaced in time.

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