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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-07-14 發布人:tongjid


              Phoenix connection terminal is made of two parts, one is to press the wire tightly, and then to the other part, which is welded to the PCB board. This is connected with the mechanical principle of the bottom, and the anti vibration design ensures the long-term air tight connection of the product and the service reliability of the finished product.
              The two ends of the socket can be equipped with matching ears, which can protect the connector to a great extent and prevent the connector from being arranged in a bad position. At the same time, the wiring terminal can ensure that the socket can be inserted into the matrix correctly.
              The socket can also have assembly buckle and locking buckle. The assembly buckle can be more firmly fixed to the PCB board, and the locking buckle can lock the matrix and socket after the installation.
              A variety of socket design can be combined with different matrix insertion methods, such as: horizontal, vertical or inclined to the printed circuit board, etc. different methods can be selected according to the requirements of customers. You can choose either metric wire gauge or standard wire gauge. It is a type of terminal with good sales in the market.
              菲尼克斯接線端子箱內部設計安裝有一個單相三孔220V,16A電源插座和一個維修照明燈,以方便用戶在日常檢查維護時使用。另外,電路中還設計安裝有單極斷路器開關,用來保護整個電路的安 全正常運行。同時還設計安裝有轉換開關,用戶可根據現場實際運行情況需要,對箱體內加熱器可任意轉換手動、自動控制方式。
              The internal design of Phoenix terminal box is equipped with a single-phase three hole 220V, 16a power socket and a maintenance lamp, so as to facilitate the use of users in daily inspection and maintenance. In addition, a single pole circuit breaker switch is designed and installed in the circuit to protect the safe and normal operation of the whole circuit. At the same time, a change-over switch is designed and installed, so that the user can change the manual and automatic control mode of the heater in the box according to the actual operation needs.

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