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              working principle
              當線圈通電時,靜鐵芯產生電磁吸力,將動鐵芯吸合,由于觸頭系統是與動鐵芯聯動的,因此動鐵芯帶動三條動觸片同時運行,觸點閉合,從而接通電源。當線圈斷電時,吸力消失, 動鐵芯聯動部分依靠彈簧的反作用力而分離,使主觸頭斷開,切斷電源。
              When the coil is electrified, the static iron core generates electromagnetic force to pull in the moving iron core. Because the contact system is linked with the moving iron core, the moving iron core drives three moving contacts to run at the same time, and the contact is closed, so as to turn on the power supply. When the coil is powered off, the suction disappears, and the linkage part of the moving iron core is separated by the reaction force of the spring, so that the main contact is disconnected and the power supply is cut off.
              Use connection method
              1: General three-phase contactor has a total of 8 points, three input, three output, there are two control points. The output corresponds to the input, which is easy to see. If you want to add self-locking, you also need to connect the line to the control point from a terminal of the output point.
              二: 首先應該知道交流接觸器的原理。他是用外界電源來加在線圈上,產生電磁場。加電吸合,斷電后接觸點就斷開。知道原理后,你應該弄清楚外加電源的接點,也就 是線圈的兩個接點,一般在接觸器的下部,并且各在一邊。其他的幾路輸入和輸出一般在上部,一看就知道。還要注意外加電源的電壓是多少(220V或 380V),一般都標得有。并且注意接觸點是常閉還是常開。如果有自鎖控制,根據原理理一下線路就可以了。
              2: First of all, we should know the principle of AC contactor. He uses an external power source to add to the coil to generate electromagnetic fields. The contact point will be disconnected after power on and power off. After knowing the principle, you should find out the contact of the external power supply, that is, the two contacts of the coil, which are generally at the lower part of the contactor and on each side. The other several input and output channels are generally on the top, which can be seen at a glance. Also pay attention to the external power supply voltage is how much (220 V or 380 V), generally marked with. And pay attention to whether the contact point is normally closed or normally open. If there is self-locking control, according to the principle of the line can be.
              Model division
              在電工學上。接觸器是一種用來接通或斷開帶負載的交直流主電路或大容量控制電路的自動化切換器,主要控制對象是電動機,此外 也用于其他電力負載,如電熱器,電焊機,照明設備,接觸器不僅能接通和切斷電路,而且還具有低電壓釋放保護作用/。接觸器控制容量大。適用于頻繁操作和遠 距離控制。是自動控制系統中的重要元件之一。通用接觸器可大致分以下兩類。
              In Electrotechnics. Contactor is a kind of automatic switcher used to connect or disconnect the AC / DC main circuit or large capacity control circuit with load. The main control object is motor. In addition, it is also used for other electric loads, such as electric heater, welding machine, lighting equipment. Contactor can not only connect and cut off the circuit, but also has the function of low voltage release protection. The control capacity of contactor is large. Suitable for frequent operation and remote control. It is one of the important components in automatic control system. General purpose contactors can be roughly divided into the following two categories.
              1 AC contactor. It is mainly composed of electromagnetic mechanism, contact system and arc extinguishing device. CJ10, cj12, cj12b and other series are commonly used.
              DC contactor is generally used to control DC electrical equipment. The coil is charged with DC. The action principle and structure of DC contactor are basically the same as AC contactor.
              但現在接觸器的 型號都重新劃分了。都是AC系列的了。。。
              But now the models of contactors are divided again. It's all AC series...
              1; Ac-1 contactor is used to control non inductive or micro inductive circuit
              2; AC - 2 contactor is used to control the starting and breaking of wound induction motor
              3; AC-3 and AC-4 contactors can be used to frequently control the starting and breaking of asynchronous motors
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