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              They have the same point is that they can achieve short-circuit protection. The principle of fuse is to use the current flowing through the conductor to make the conductor heat up. After reaching the melting point of the conductor, the conductor melts, so the circuit is disconnected to protect the electrical appliances and lines from being burnt out. It is a accumulation of heat, so it can also achieve overload protection. Once the melt is burned, the melt should be replaced.
              The circuit breaker can also realize the short circuit and overload protection of the line, but the principle is different. It realizes the open circuit protection through the bottom magnetic effect of the current (electromagnetic release), and realizes the overload protection through the thermal effect of the current (it is not fusing, and there is no need to replace the device). In practice, when the power load in the circuit is close to the load of the fuse used for a long time, the fuse will be heated gradually until it is fused.
              As mentioned above, the fusing of fuse is the result of the combined action of current and time, which plays the role of protecting the line. It is disposable. The circuit breaker is a sudden increase in the current in the circuit, when it exceeds the load of the circuit breaker, it will automatically open. It is a protection for the instantaneous current increase of the circuit, such as when the leakage is large, or when the short circuit, or when the instantaneous current is large.
              When the cause is found out, it can be switched on and used continuously. As mentioned above, the fusing of fuse is the result of the combined action of current and time, while the circuit breaker will trip as soon as the current exceeds its set value, and the effect of time can hardly be considered. Circuit breaker is a common component in low voltage distribution. Some places are suitable for fuse.

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