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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-06-11 發布人:tongjid


              ABB contactor uses main contact to open and close circuit and auxiliary contact to execute control command. The main contact usually has only normally open contact, while the auxiliary contact often has two pairs of normally open and normally closed contacts. Small contactors are often used as intermediate relays to cooperate with the main circuit.
              The contact of AC contactor is made of silver tungsten alloy, which has good conductivity and high temperature ablation resistance. ABB small contactor is driven by AC electromagnet. The electromagnet is made up of two "mountain" shaped young silicon steel sheets, one of which is fixed and covered with coil. There are various working voltages to choose from. In order to stabilize the magnetic force, a short-circuit ring is added to the pull-in surface of the iron core. AC contactor in the power loss, rely on spring reset.
              The other half is a movable iron core with the same structure as the fixed iron core, which is used to drive the opening and closing of the main contact and auxiliary contact. The contactors with more than 20 amperes are equipped with arc extinguishing cover. The electromagnetic force generated when the circuit is disconnected can quickly pull off the arc to protect the contact. AC contactor as a whole, shape and performance are constantly improving, but the function is always the same. No matter to what extent the technology develops, ordinary AC contactor still has its important position.
              In fact, small contactor is a kind of short-circuit protector, which is widely used in power distribution system and control system, mainly for short-circuit protection or serious overload protection. When working, the fuse is connected in series in the protected circuit. When the circuit short circuit or serious overload, the fuse link in the fuse will automatically fuse, play a protective role, the common is the fuse.
              In addition, there is a circuit breaker, commonly known as "air switch", which is also a kind of short-circuit protector. When it is over-current, it will trip automatically and play a protective role; Fuses and circuit breakers are protective appliances. But they are not the same. Circuit breaker is a general term, it is divided into two kinds - frame circuit breaker and plastic case circuit breaker.
              框架式斷路器俗稱萬 能斷路器;塑料外殼式斷路器俗稱空氣開頭。他們具有短路和過載保護,可重復使用。壽命一般在幾千次到幾萬次。熔斷器是靠熔體熔化保護線路的一種電器,不可重復使用,保護以后需要更換熔體。
              Frame circuit breaker is commonly known as universal circuit breaker; Plastic case circuit breaker is commonly known as air circuit breaker. They have short circuit and overload protection and can be reused. The life span is from thousands to tens of thousands of times. Fuse is a kind of electrical equipment which depends on the melt to protect the circuit. It can not be reused and needs to be replaced after protection.

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