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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-05-28 發布人:tongjid


              From the perspective of structure and working principle, we can see the difference between MCCB and MCB. The action sensitivity of MCB is higher than that of MCCB. From the perspective of purchase, there are five differences between MCCB and MCB. I hope it can help you.
              1. Moulded case circuit breaker adopts two sets of devices to protect over-current and short circuit respectively, and the action value of over-current protection can be adjusted manually. Miniature circuit breakers share a set of devices for over-current and short circuit, and the current is not adjustable.
              2. Moulded case circuit breaker can be connected with thicker conductor, such as 35 square meters or more. Miniature circuit breakers are only suitable for connecting wires less than 10 square meters.
              3. The sensitivity of miniature circuit breaker is higher than that of moulded case circuit breaker.
              4. The end of MCCB is connected with nut, which is easy to press and has good contact. The miniature circuit breaker adopts a smaller pressing terminal, and can only be tightened with a screw driver. The torque is not enough, it is not easy to press, and the contact is not good.
              5. The molded case circuit breaker has large phase to phase distance and arc extinguishing cover, which has strong arc extinguishing ability, can withstand larger short circuit current, and is not easy to cause phase to phase short circuit. It has a long life.
              Difference between MCCB and MCB
              The main function of MCCB is to provide protection for overload and short circuit in low voltage distribution system and motor protection circuit.
              Because of its reliability and stability, it has been widely used in industry. Miniature circuit breaker is also a circuit breaker product with a large range of applications and quantity. Its main function is to provide protection for the building electrical terminal distribution device.
              Because both of them belong to circuit breaker, and molded case circuit breaker is mostly used for small capacity on-off, it is very practical and important to understand the difference between the two and choose the right product.

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