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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2022-04-13 發布人:tongjid

                Phoenix terminal is a lot of time to use more of a kind of terminal, but there are a lot of people do not understand it, so in order to better use the terminal, we come to phoenix terminal current load capacity.
                A type of protection that activates a protective device when the current exceeds a predetermined maximum. Overcurrent protection is when the current flowing through the protected original exceeds a predetermined value, the protection device starts, and the time limit ensures the selectivity of the action, so that the circuit breaker trips or gives an alarm signal. The current load capability of Phoenix terminal is to realize circuit protection through resistance of its own conductive parts.
                Each terminal has its own current level. When the terminal passes more current than the phoenix terminal's load, the terminal will fail, causing a short circuit, etc.
                The current load capacity of terminals and connectors of printed circuit plates depends on several technical parameters. To achieve the desired load capacity of the product, several requirements need to be met:
                The more stable the product structure, the stronger the terminal current load capacity. The thickness, width and other parameters of the conduction parts of the wiring terminals should meet the requirements of the products that can pass the current; The selection of insulation materials is also related to current load capacity.
                The slower the insulation ages, the greater the current load capacity of the terminals. The number of wiring terminals should meet the installation requirements. For plug and plug terminals, the plug and socket should be corresponding. In addition to consulting the manufacturer, do not use products with different needle distances to match without authorization, so as not to damage the equipment.
                The higher the ambient temperature, the weaker the current load capacity. This is why in order to ensure the good operation of the equipment, electrical equipment needs a good heat dissipation environment.
                Current load capacity is one of the terminal specification parameters. It means that under normal circumstances, when current flows through five adjacent terminals at the same time, it will not cause damage to components due to heat and will not affect the function of components.
                Phoenix terminal current load capacity on the explanation here, if you have other problems, welcome to click on the website to consult us!

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