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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2022-04-08 發布人:tongjid


                How can molded case circuit breaker avoid wire head failure with contactor? This problem is worth understanding, let's talk about it.
                Molded case circuit breaker is a kind of electrical equipment which can cut off the current automatically when the current exceeds tripping setting. Molded case refers to the use of plastic insulation as the outer shell of the device to separate conductors from each other and to ground metal parts. Molded circuit breakers may contain thermal-magnetic trip units, and larger ones may be equipped with solid state trip sensors. The common rated current of circuit breakers are as follows :60, 75, 80/100/126/160/200A, etc.
                In the use of circuit breakers, often encounter contactor and circuit breaker wire is connected but not energized, in the absence of testing to use, will lead to circuit failure. Many people suspect that the reason is that there is something wrong with the product. In fact, it is because there is something wrong with the way of wiring, which leads to phase deficiency or short circuit between phases. Here is to introduce the correct way of wiring.
                Lead. ABB plastic case circuit breaker agent that to avoid such a situation, first of all, we should choose the right lead before wiring, the best use of a single copper wire, if not, the use of multiple soft copper wire, tin will be welded together to form a single wire. The purpose of this is to prevent the leakage of multiple strands of copper wire short circuit.
                Connection mode. Wiring mode are wire frame wiring, the advantage of doing so is not like using 1 type wiring mode will produce internal contact side slip, if the direct pressure next to the wiring frame, when tightening the screw is easy to cause static contact displacement, resulting in poor contact of the circuit breaker.
                Screw selection. The contactor uses screw cap pressing plate to press the line. The reason for this is that when the screw is twisted down, the pressing plate will press the lead downward. It will also make the product have a balance point when wiring, and the wiring will not be pressed tight, reducing the failure rate.
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