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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-12-16 發布人:admin


              Landscape painting has always been a classic theme of Chinese painting. Mountains are the backer, water is the source of wealth, rivers flow long and the source of wealth is constant, and peach blossoms have always been the representative of love. Not only that, Cantonese people insert red peach blossoms during the Spring Festival, which means to show their grand plans (red peaches), because Cantonese red peaches sound the same as grand plans.
              However, it should be noted that the collection and investment of young and middle-aged painters' works must recognize and prepare the "growth" of painters. The reason is that there are a large number of young and middle-aged painters, many of whom are still in the stage of scouring the sand, and the value of calligraphy and painting needs to be screened through the historical precipitation of time, and there is a certain uncertainty in the appreciation space of works. Therefore, this also determines that the investment in the works of young and middle-aged painters can not be blind. It requires not only the guidance of professionals, but also the common sense and vision of investors.
              Later, collecting calligraphy and painting needs good appreciation ability and long-term vision. We should correctly evaluate the value of calligraphy and painting and constantly learn and exercise our ability, so as to achieve good results in collecting calligraphy and painting.
              In the era of investment and speculation in calligraphy and painting, the first way to avoid risks is to prevent counterfeits. As the saying goes, "if you are not afraid to buy expensive, you are afraid to buy fake", which means that it is not terrible to buy expensive, but if you buy wrong, the money will be wasted. Because I just want an authentic work of a famous master. It's nothing to spend more money on it, because it will appreciate slowly in the future. But if you buy fake paintings, they are worthless, because fake paintings will never have investment value.
              In recent years, art auction is in the ascendant, especially the auction prices of some calligraphy and painting works have reached a new high, and the investment effect of the collection market has attracted more and more attention. From a professional point of view, calligraphy and painting works have both artistic value and historical value, but sometimes the market price is not necessarily consistent with these two values. At present, most of the large increase in the calligraphy and painting market are modern works, while the increase in ancient calligraphy and painting dominated by works of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is relatively slow.
              The demand for calligraphy and painting in the decoration market is in the ascendant. China's cities have to build billions of square meters of commercial housing every year, and the gradually affluent farmers have to build a large number of houses in the countryside. Most of these houses should be decorated with calligraphy and painting. The prospect of the demand for calligraphy and painting in this market development can not be ignored

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