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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-11-08 發布人:admin


              With the development of society, leakage switch is now a necessity for home decoration. Leakage switch, mainly used to prevent leakage accidents, plays an important role in our life. Today, Xiaobian will give you detailed information about how to select ABB circuit breaker.
              How to select ABB circuit breaker?
              1. First of all, it should be the same as the rated voltage of the power supply. If the inconsistent rated voltage is used, there will be a short circuit problem;
              2. The rated current of the selected circuit breaker shall not be less than the rated current in the circuit. As a switching device that can close and disconnect the current, if the rated current is too small, the problem will be serious;
              3. In case of short circuit, the rated breaking current shall not be less than the short-circuit current of the circuit, so that the breaking current can be timely and effectively;
              4、選擇時還要參照周圍的環境條件,如溫度、濕度、高度、有無粉塵和腐蝕環境這些都會影響斷路器的使用,所以要嚴格按照要求來選,例如,在 拔地區建議選用真空式斷路器,一般不采用六氟化硫因為會受到海拔高度和大氣壓的影響而液化造成滅弧能力下降;
              4. The selection shall also refer to the surrounding environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, height, whether there is dust and corrosive environment, which will affect the use of the circuit breaker, so it shall be selected in strict accordance with the requirements. For example, it is recommended to select the vacuum circuit breaker in the pull-out area. Generally, sulfur hexafluoride is not used, because it will be liquefied under the influence of altitude and atmospheric pressure, resulting in the decline of arc extinguishing capacity;
              5. Select different types of circuit breakers according to different loads. Generally speaking, the setting current can be determined by multiplying the calculated current by 1.25, and then select appropriate circuit breakers before selecting wires;
              6. Select the circuit breaker with good quality and cost performance according to the brands in the market. The better the quality, the higher the safety and use, and it is not easy to have problems such as failure. Don't choose miscellaneous brands for the sake of cheap. Without a guarantee, you will inevitably feel uneasy when using them.
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