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              AC, AC, AC, A.C. or a.c. may refer to an abbreviation for something. For example, the abbreviation of academic, the abbreviation of axiom of choice and so on represent different meanings in different situations.
              Rated current refers to the current when the electrical equipment operates at rated power under rated voltage. It can also be defined as the current that electrical equipment can work continuously for a long time under rated environmental conditions (ambient temperature, sunshine, altitude, installation conditions, etc.). The current of the electrical appliance during normal operation shall not exceed its rated current.
              Contactor refers to an electrical appliance in industrial electricity, which uses the current flowing through the coil to generate a magnetic field and close the contact to control the load. It is composed of electromagnetic system, contact system and arc extinguishing device. It can be used to control power loads such as factory equipment, electric heater, working mother machine and various power units. The contactor can not only connect and cut off the circuit, but also have the function of low voltage release protection.
              The principle is that when the electromagnetic coil of the contactor is energized, a strong magnetic field will be generated, so that the static iron core will generate electromagnetic suction to attract the armature and drive the contact action: the normally closed contact will be disconnected; The normally open contact is closed and the two are linked. When the coil is powered off, the electromagnetic suction disappears, and the armature is released under the action of the release spring to restore the contact: the normally closed contact is closed; The normally open contact is disconnected.

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