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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-10-12 發布人:tongjid


              The quality of the contactor can be tested from the following aspects: first, the coil of the contactor, second, the contact of the contactor, and third, whether the suction of the electromagnetic mechanism is sufficient.
              1. Coil of contactor
              Check the rated voltage of the contactor coil, connect it to the matching power supply, turn on the switch and check whether the contactor is closed. If not, the contactor coil is faulty.
              Or use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the contactor coil. For those without relevant experience, the parameters of a new contactor with the same power can be used as a reference.
              From which aspects can we judge the quality of the contactor
              2. Contact of contactor
              If the contactor can be pulled in and the three-phase power supply is normal, but there is a lack of phase at the output end, it can be judged by measuring the voltage of any two phases of three phases.
              At this time, it is necessary to check the main contact of the contactor to see if it is worn or burned. If so, replace it in time.
              3. Insufficient suction of electromagnetic mechanism
              Generally, it can be pulled in, but there is a lack of phase at the lower end of the main contact. After external force is applied, the lack of phase disappears, which should also be replaced in time.
              Performance of motor phase loss: increased vibration, abnormal sound, increased temperature, decreased speed, increased current, strong buzzing during startup, unable to start.
              當出現上述現象時,應重 點檢查電源和接觸器有沒有缺相現象,需要及時更換,以避免產生更大的損失。
              When the above phenomena occur, focus on checking whether the power supply and contactor are out of phase and need to be replaced in time to avoid greater loss.

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