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              Ripple noise is often generated on Phoenix Contact power distribution system. This noise will interfere with the surrounding high-speed equipment and may lead to the misoperation of the chip. If there is not enough stable power supply to support the behavior of high-speed components, it will be unpredictable. Power integrity analysis mainly discusses and solves the stability of power supply.
              For the ideal power distribution system, the transmission path impedance is zero, and the potential at any point on the power plane remains constant and equal to the system supply voltage. In the actual power distribution system, due to the existence of various noise interference, the potential on the power distribution system will fluctuate, sometimes even seriously affect the normal operation of the system.
              The main manifestation of Phoenix Contact power supply instability is synchronous switching noise, which refers to the AC voltage drop formed by the transient alternating current generated during the state switching of high-speed switching devices and when there is inductance on the return path, so it is also called noise.
              If the phase of the power bounce noise is opposite to the ground bounce noise, the amplitude of the noise waveform on the high-level signal will be doubled. The voltage regulation module is the source of power supply and converts the voltage to another voltage. A component uses a reference voltage and feedback loop to monitor the load voltage, so as to adjust the output current.

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