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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-08-06 發布人:tongjid


              The PT in-line spring terminal of cliplinecomplete system can complete the wire connection without any tools, which is suitable for various applications. The outstanding advantage of the product is that it is easy to operate without tools, and the insertion force can be saved by 50%.
              Rigid conductor or strip with wire diameter above 025mm2 0.34mm ² When the wire of the above cold indenter is inserted, the contact spring will open automatically and ensure the pressing force required to the terminal current strip. If the wire is to be loosened or the connection is to be loosened, the cross section shall be at least 0.14mm ² Any tool can be used to operate the built-in pull-out button without direct contact with live parts.
              PT connection mode has been tested for many times and obtained a series of certifications. For example, the shockproof level meets the railway standard en50155, and the impact and corrosion resistance meets the current classification society standards. In addition, it has passed the certification of increased safety (exe) in the field of process control.
              In line connection technology
              In addition to the advantages of cliplinecomplete system, Pt series also has the characteristics of convenient use and supporting wire in-line connection.
              Convenient connection
              The plug-in connection method reduces the insertion force by up to 50% and can easily connect rigid and multi-core conductors (with sleeves and a cross-section of 0.34mm ² Or larger).
              Pull out button
              The built-in orange pull-out button can pull out the wire with any tool, which is easy to operate without direct contact with the live part.
              Terminals with different wiring capacities can be easily connected by using the conversion bridge. For example, a connection can be established between the pull back spring terminals pT2, 5 and pt10 by using the conversion bridge. The dual channel bridge well can be used to connect any terminal with two position bridge.
              The 2-bit to 50 bit bridge can bridge more than 50 terminals at one time, remove a single metal tooth from the standard bridge, and can be used for jumping and bridging. Wiring of two potentials can be carried out at the same time. Contact points can also be identified. Insulated straight through connector p-fix, breaking head p-di, component plug p-CO and tubular fuse plug p-fu can be used in the universal plug-in area of breaking terminal.

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