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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-07-27 發布人:tongjid


              In all industrial equipment, contactors may not be familiar to you, but they are widely used in our daily life. In electrical engineering, contactors can be innovatively applied in various occasions because they are closely related to the guidance and use of current. When necessary, they also play the role of low voltage release protection. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the working principle of this machine and contactor. What is the function of contactor? If you are interested, follow Xiaobian!
              How does the contactor work?
              The working principle of the contactor: when the coil is energized, the static iron core generates electromagnetic suction, which makes the moving iron core be pulled in, and then drives the three moving contacts of the contact system to act. The main contact is closed, the auxiliary normally closed contact is opened, and the auxiliary normally open contact is closed to connect the power supply.
              The working principle of the contactor: when the coil is powered off, the electromagnetic attraction of the static iron core disappears, the reaction force of the spring separates the dynamic iron core from the static iron core, and the three moving contacts of the contact system act to disconnect the main contact, close the auxiliary normally closed contact, disconnect the auxiliary normally open contact and cut off the power supply.
              What is the function of contactor?
              What is the function of contactor? The function of contactor is to use small current to control large current load, which can be controlled remotely and self-locking and interlocking to prevent accidents caused by misoperation. Due to small current control, the protection circuit is simple and reliable.
              Contactors are divided into AC contactors (voltage AC) and DC contactors (voltage DC), which are used in power, power distribution and power consumption. Broadly speaking, contactor refers to an electrical appliance that uses the current flowing through the coil to generate a magnetic field to close the contact in order to control the load.

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