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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-07-15 發布人:tongjid


              Abba series contactors provided by ABB contactor agents are products launched to the market based on the concept of system integration. They are characterized by compact structure, stable working performance, more convenient installation, easier maintenance and safer use. The systematic concept of a series makes it easy to install with other ABB products, realizes close seamless connection, saves cabinet space and reduces the investment cost of users.
              A series contactor also has a wide range, from A9 to A300, af09 to af2050, its rated working current from 9 A to 2050 a, to meet the needs of users. AF contactor also has a wide range of coil working voltage, its coil can be AC, DC universal. Series a contactors have three and four poles, AC and DC control coils, and a wide range of accessories.
              Including: overload relay, auxiliary contact group, surge suppressor, mechanical interlock and various types of installation and connection kits, etc.
              A series contactors have been widely used in all walks of life and recognized by users. Especially in wind power, solar power, electric locomotive and other fields.

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