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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-06-25 發布人:tongjid


              Solid state relay (SSR) is a new type of non-contact switching device, which is composed of all electronic devices. It uses the switching characteristics of electronic components (such as switching triode, bidirectional silicon controlled rectifier and other semiconductor devices) to achieve the purpose of non-contact and non sparking circuit connection and disconnection. Optocoupler is used to realize electrical isolation between input and output.
              1. Three phase AC solid state relay. It integrates three single-phase AC solid-state relays, and uses two input control terminals to directly switch three-phase loads, so as to conveniently control three-phase loads such as three-phase motors and heaters.
              2. Single phase solid state relay. It has two input control terminals and two output terminals. After adding DC or pulse signal to the input to a certain current value, the output will change from off state to on state.
              The three-phase common SSR uses three bidirectional thyristors as the three-phase output switch contacts, and the three-phase enhanced SSR uses three groups of anti parallel unidirectional thyristors as the three-phase output switch contacts. The capacitive load and inductive load should be enhanced.
              According to the application situation, it can be divided into zero trigger and random conduction. Among them, zero crossing trigger is widely used, which is equivalent to switch and has low RF interference. Random conduction type, phase shift trigger, mostly used for voltage regulation, with interference.
              Solid state relay has the following characteristics: it can use weak control signal to carry out non-contact on-off for load with current of tens to hundreds of A. It has been extended to the occasions where electromagnetic relay can not be used, such as computer terminal interface, program control device, corrosive and humid environment and some explosion-proof places. The disadvantages are conduction voltage drop, large leakage current, poor AC / DC versatility, poor temperature resistance and overload capacity. Attention should be paid to the following problems during use.
              ① The reasonable choice of rated current must leave enough margin. Pure resistance load can be selected according to 2 times of load current. For cold resistance load (cold light tungsten halogen lamp, inductive load, capacitive load and high impact load), it can be selected according to 5 ~ 7 times of load rated current.
              ② The heating and heat dissipation of solid state relay will produce heat because of its voltage drop. The bottom plate and radiator mounting surface of solid state relay above 10A shall be coated with guide pad silicone grease, and the fan shall be used for cooling when the output current is large.
              ③ Over current of solid state relay. In actual operation, load short circuit is easy to cause relay damage. Quick fuse or quick circuit breaker can be selected for over-current protection, which is generally 1.5 times of rated current.
              ④ When the "contact" of the solid state relay is disconnected, there is a certain leakage current, so that the output circuit can not be really cut off. Pay attention to the maintenance safety.

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