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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-06-23 發布人:tongjid

              塑殼斷路器(塑料外殼空氣絕緣斷路器)廣泛適用于低壓配電行業,用于切斷或者隔離正常及額定范圍內的故障電流,保證線路及設備安 全。另外,根據我國《施工現場臨時用電安 全技術規范》要求,施工現場的臨時用電斷路器必 須是透明外殼,可以清晰分辨主觸點分合狀態,且合規斷路器必 須貼有相關安全部門頒發的“AJ”標志。

              Moulded case circuit breaker (VCB) is widely used in low-voltage distribution industry, which is used to cut off or isolate the fault current within the normal and rated range to ensure the safety of lines and equipment. In addition, according to the requirements of China's technical code for safety of temporary electricity use on construction site, the temporary electricity circuit breaker on construction site must be transparent shell, which can clearly distinguish the on-off state of main contact, and the compliance circuit breaker must be pasted with the "AJ" sign issued by relevant safety departments.
              塑殼斷路器有多種附件可以加掛,如遠程電動操作分合閘機構、分勵線圈、輔助觸點、報 警觸點等。
              Moulded case circuit breaker has a variety of accessories that can be hung, such as remote electric switching mechanism, shunt coil, auxiliary contact, alarm contact, etc.
              When selecting the type of electric operating mechanism, it is necessary to pay attention to the shell frame current of the matching circuit breaker, because the external dimensions of the circuit breaker with different shell frame current and the torque of the opening and closing mechanism are different.
              Another important performance index of molded case circuit breaker is its rated short-circuit breaking capacity, which directly affects the safe breaking fault current capacity of the circuit breaker, generally 25 / 35 / 50 / 65ka. In the actual selection process, we can select according to the drawing requirements of the Design Institute, and if there are no requirements, we can calculate the expected short-circuit current value of the circuit according to experience. The short-circuit breaking capacity of the circuit breaker should be greater than the expected short-circuit current of the circuit. In order to save cost, the short circuit breaking capacity value is enough.
              Moulded case circuit breaker can be made with leakage protection function, but it is different from miniature leakage circuit breaker which is generally 30mA leakage action current. The leakage action current of moulded case leakage circuit breaker is mostly 100 / 300 / 500mA adjustable. Therefore, it can be seen that moulded case circuit breaker with leakage protection is mainly used to protect the lower end equipment or cable leakage, rather than directly protect the power users. There is a drawback in the actual use of this kind of circuit breaker, that is, there are many devices at the lower end of this kind of circuit breaker, and it is easy for the construction personnel to mix the zero line and ground line in the wiring process, which leads to the main switch leakage protection trip. It is very difficult to find the fault point for this kind of problem

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