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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-06-17 發布人:tongjid

              觸點是ABB繼電器中的一個重要組成部分,它的性能可以受很多的因素所影響,比如觸點的材料以及負載的類型和工作頻率、大氣環境等電壓、電流值所感 染,如果其中任何一項因素達不到預定值,就很有可能會發生觸點間的金屬電積,或焊 接點磨損等問題。

              Contact is an important part of ABB relay, its performance can be affected by many factors, such as contact material, load type and working frequency, atmospheric environment and other voltage and current values. If any of these factors can not reach the predetermined value, it is likely to have metal accumulation between contacts, or welding point wear and other problems.
              When the load of ABB relay is disconnected, the contact circuit of ABB relay will generate strong back EMF. The higher the back EMF is, the greater the damage to the contact will be. This will directly reduce the capacity of DC converter switch. Once the arc is generated, abb relay has no zero crossing point, it is likely to extend the arcing time, Therefore, it will also cause the single-phase current in the DC circuit to make the contacts accumulate and wear the abb relay.
              The contact current of ABB relay can directly affect the performance of the contact. With the increase of contact surge, the metal electrowinning will also increase. Therefore, it is recommended to choose ABB relay with long service life to protect the contact circuit.

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