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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-06-15 發布人:tongjid


              ABB air circuit breaker full range of products one-stop service, provide technical support. Industrial application installation: breaking capacity up to 25kA with special accessories
              Oprompackage S200, s200m, s200p, s200u, s200up public utilities are equipped with special, selective and backup miniature circuit breakers with breaking capacity up to 25kA, which can realize complete selectivity for downstream circuit breakers.
              Industrial and commercial applications, with high breaking capacity and special features / accessories os200p, 290, S500, s610, s220, s800max features, Tmax series technology is high, using * advanced design and simulation tools to ensure * excellent performance in * small dimensions Due to the adoption of * new technology and the ability to accelerate the opening speed, Tmax series circuit breakers can greatly limit the allowable energy and reduce the peak current, so as to avoid overheating and reduce the electric stress of the device In addition, Tmax series circuit breakers use a set of universal and standard accessories, which have many advantages: reduced inventory, convenient and flexible, and easy to use. All of them can be equipped with new residual current release (up to 500A).
              Moulded case circuit breakers are used in industrial and urban low-voltage plants with operating currents ranging from 1-1000a. They are installed in DC and AC distribution cabinets for motor protection, generator protection, capacitor protection and end users.

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