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              來源:http://www.cekidots.com/ 日期:2021-05-27 發布人:tongjid

              菲尼克斯端子電源開關電源啟動可分三個階段,在上電時以近似1mA的電流向電容C充電,當VDD電壓達到限電壓時進入下一個階段,此時飽和電流增加至5mA,在為IC供電的同時繼續為電容充電,當輸出電壓建立后進入第三階段,此時電流為零,啟動電路停止工作,VDD電壓上升至輔助繞組電壓。在啟動的整個過程中,電流都是比較小而且比較平緩,所以該電路安 全可靠。寬壓開關電源產品基本都采用了與上面啟動電路類式的結構,這樣既能保證啟動的可靠性,又能降低損耗。

              The start-up of Phoenix terminal power supply switching power supply can be divided into three stages. When it is powered on, it charges the capacitor C with a current of approximately 1mA. When the VDD voltage reaches the limit voltage, it enters the next stage. At this time, the saturation current increases to 5mA. It continues to charge the capacitor while supplying power to the IC. When the output voltage is established, it enters the third stage. At this time, the current is zero, and the starting circuit stops working, The VDD voltage rises to the auxiliary winding voltage. In the whole process of starting, the current is relatively small and gentle, so the circuit is safe and reliable. Wide voltage switching power supply products basically adopt the structure similar to the above starting circuit, which can not only ensure the reliability of starting, but also reduce the loss.
              The voltage of the auxiliary winding of the switch power supply of Phoenix terminal power supply is also a factor affecting the stability of the starting circuit. If the voltage of the auxiliary winding is low, the starting circuit will not be completely broken when the switch power supply is loaded, and the Q2 tube may be burned due to overheating under the condition of high temperature, high pressure and full load; The auxiliary winding voltage is high.
              Under some abnormal conditions, the voltage supplied by the auxiliary winding will approach or exceed the rated voltage of the power IC, which poses a threat to the power IC. The high voltage of the auxiliary winding will also affect the overall efficiency of the switching power supply. The design of the starting circuit will affect the performance of the whole switching system.
              Isolated power supply module, with wide input voltage range and various packaging forms, is widely used in many fields such as electric power, industrial automation, communication, transportation, building automation, instrumentation and automotive electronics.
              The above is the relevant content introduced by Phoenix terminal agent manufacturers. I hope it can help you, and more wonderful content can be directly focused on: http://www.cekidots.com

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