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Air column bag

Red wine column bag

  • Brand Name: Creatrust
  • Model Number: OEM
  • Product name: inflatable air column bag / bags for wine bottles
  • Size: Customzied
  • Industrial Use: Mailing protection for various products
  • Feature: Shock Resistance
  • Color: Transparent
  • Column Width: 2 cm or 3 cm (before inflation)
  • Thickness: 100 Micron
  • Application: Wine bottle, or other fragile products

  • Materia PE+Nylon, 7 layer co-extruded film
    Column Width 2 cm or 3 cm (before inflation)
    Thickness 100 Micron or customized
    Size Customized as your request
    Packing Plastic bags or Carton Boxes to pack or as per Customer‘s requests
    Main Features Waterproof,Recyclable, Shock-proof, light
    Function Packing/Gift/Promotion
    Column Qty 7 Columns for wine bottle
    Validity 5 - 8 months after inflation

    1. Easy handling, no capital spending.
    2. Perfect product coverage with air chamber system.
    3. Packaging material 98% air / 2% foil.
    4. Excellent surface protection.
    5. Shorten packaging time and reduction of packaging costs/procurements costs.
    7. Economization of storage up to 95%.
    8. Dust and UV-protection

    1. Material: LDPE with Nylon, which is of strong protection. 
    2. Pro-environment: Environmental friendly, Recyclable.
    3. Easy operation: Inflate directly, no need sealing, save labor cost.
    4. Air column: Each air column is designed separately. Any air column damaged won‘t influece the safety packaging.
    5. Storage: Flat before inflation, saving warehousing cost.
    6. Certification: FDA, SGS.
    7. Size: Customised, well pack.
    8. Transportation: Less volumn and weight, saving shipping cost.
    9. Protection: Airbag stands 60-120kgs after inflated. 
    10. Usage: for protecting fragile products (eg, wine bottle), valuables, electronic products (eg, computer, television, hard disc etc), light bulbs, toner cartridges, food, drugs, agriculture products, cosmetics,chemical products, clothes, contrustion, security products, mining products, courier etc.
    How It Works:
    The inflatable air column bag can be inflated by a portable air compressor or inflator in seconds.
    Before Inflation:

    After Inflation:

    Product Details:
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